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"Dr. French really took my piano playing to a new level. Not only did we address technical issues using psychological approaches, but she also taught me to understand the character and purpose of the music, which often proved to be the more difficult and worthwhile task. I learned to grow a personal relationship with each piece, and Dr. French's passion for music and her experience definitely rubbed off on me with each piece I learned."

- Sean Dreyer, UC Berkeley music/biology major

“I am one of Dr. Jung Sook Lee-French’s adult students, having come to the piano relatively late in life. The experience has been extremely rewarding and enriching. I am very fortunate to have been accepted as one of Dr. Lee-French’s students. She is both an accomplished pianist and a gifted teacher. As a world-class pianist, Dr. Lee-French can effectively and beautifully demonstrate on the keyboard the concepts being taught to the student. Her breadth of knowledge about music history adds a powerful and deep meaning to the genres of music being taught. And she teaches it all—classical, pop, jazz,and rhythms of any type!

Dr. Lee-French also teaches my daughter, who is currently in the 9th grade. Her ability to relate to the young as well as to the adult student further attests to her pedagogical skills. And all the while, she truly seems to love people and the daily interaction with a variety of personalities.”

- Harold Crookes, Attorney

"I am an older student with a grown family and career, who came to Dr. Jung Sook Lee-French with hopes of developing skills in music composition. With Dr. Lee-French's guidance I have unlocked avenues of musical expression, that would been otherwise out of my reach. Her depth of knowledge in music theory and organization gave me fundamental skills to bring shape and substance to my musical idea, when they needed form and development. Dr. Lee-French has fostered in me a new career in music composition, that has brought new meaning to my life, as I approach my retirement years."

- Dr. Mark Van Houten, Neurologist

"You have given me four amazing years learning from you. You have taught me not only piano, but also valuable life lessons, and I am so grateful that I got to have you as my teacher. Thank you for impacting my life."

- Danielle Song, UC Berkeley student

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